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Slower. Smaller. Good.

Natural Horse Power as an Escape from Agriculture's Progress Trap

Progress is commonly taken as technical progress. Faster. Bigger. More. Nevertheless, mother nature has her own rules, she cannot be forced into such an understanding of progress. When environmental damages become obvious for ordinary people, then the latest, it is time to have a break and seek new ways. So why not simply use 'best practice' methods which have proven their environmental soundness and practicability over years and centuries?

Draft horses onto the Fields!

Horses deliver renewable energy, work force and natural fertilizer. Thus they are the ideal partner of ecologically working farmers. In addition, they are friends of the earthworms, since avoiding deadly soil pressure. So they are safeguarding natural fertility of agricultural land. Horses and farmers make up an unbeatable team in securing the future of our food resources and sustainable agriculture.
The book describes the framework within which draft horse work is situated nowadays and delivers portraits with many pictures of several modern draft horse farmers in Germany and Switzerland. There is the chance of a NEW structural change in agriculture.

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Horse power as a natural 'power engine' supports, based on its cross-cutting nature, various future-oriented global policies and initiatives and enables their implementation.

Working horses in agriculture support the model of Family Farming.
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Family Farming in the Year of 2014 ...

Working horses in agriculture support the protection of soil and its fertility.
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The United Nations declare 2015 as the year of SOIL

Natural horse traction power is SE4ALL - Sustainable Energy for All.
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2014-2024 - UN Decade SE4ALL


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